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London Fire, eyewitnesses saying, people are trapped inside this towering Inferno. #LondonFire

June 14, 2017 Latimer Road, West London - A towering Inferno as these viewed from witnesses and said people are trapped inside.  Eyewitnesses are sayin ...

West Leyte Express’ Murder of Intellect

Brave Ormocanon

In an article written by Sydney Shahid in his Eureka! column in West Leyte Express dated May 15-21, 2017; he, yet again, wrote another Rizalian-themed article with a bold anti-Catholic and anti-Duterte rhetoric he entitled “How did PDU30 become president?*

west-leyte-weekly-express-logo Shahid is a foreigner who enslaves Ormocanons down to his level of mediocrity.

Shahid went as far as on the expletives of listing 11 elaborative comparisons between (a) how Rizal should be the epitome of a true leader and (b) why Duterte is a ‘coward‘ and isn’t befitting as the Philippines’ President. For the sake of argument, let’s agree to his opening statement which claims that “Duterte is a visionary but his methods [sic] of attaining the said vision is ‘utterly wrong’.”

Consequentially, that statement alone would still shed light to an organic question, “How sure is Shahid?” Let us give ourselves the benefit…

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This was the Plan to Attack Marawi by Maute & Abu Sayyaf #CondemnedAllTraitors

It was planned after all, the terror attack that happened to Marawi City, Lanao del Sur was staged by the affiliate ISIS groups of the Philippines, the Maute and Abu Sayyaf. The people of Marawi, as well as the others are saying because of the Military and Police Operation to capture the notorious Isnilon Hapi ...