HAPPY FATHER'S DAY Tatay Digong A tribute to a father of the nation, We Miss and Love You President Duterte. AND TO ALL FATHER | DADDY | PAPA | TATAY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY¬† "Wisdom, Compassion and Courage are the three universal recognized moral qualities of men", by Kong Qiu "Confucius", Chinese Philosopher Please Do … Continue reading HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ALL DADDY

“WHY AM I HERE ? I am here because I Love My Country and I Love the People of the Philippines”, said President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

A former Congressman and Mayor of Davao, Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte, also known as Tatay Digong, is a Filipino Lawyer and Prosecutor (Fiscal) who is the 16th and current President of the Philippines with a six (6) years term period from June 30, 2016. He is the first Mindanaoan, Southern Region of the Philip ...