This was the Plan to Attack Marawi by Maute & Abu Sayyaf #CondemnedAllTraitors



It was planned after all, the terror attack that happened to Marawi City, Lanao del Sur was staged by the affiliate ISIS groups of the Philippines, the Maute and Abu Sayyaf.

The people of Marawi, as well as the others are saying because of the Military and Police Operation to capture the notorious Isnilon Hapilon of the Abu Sayyaf bandit group, the Emir of ISIS to the Philippines, creates the initial of the trouble in Marawi City.

The government intelligence points out that Hapilon is positively in Marawi, inspite of the reports that Isnilon Hapilon was one of the dead that cannot be recognized on the clash of last year March 2016 in Butig.  The operation to serve Warrant of Arrest to Hapilon in Marawi ends up bloodied including taking over facilities and liquidating civilians by the joint Maute and Abu Sayyaf. (see video of the beginning of Marawi Siege)

Maybe it was linked to the government intelligence to make the government troops to exposed or to come outside from the camp as we can hear the master plan of the terrorist in the video posted below:

During the days of fighting in Marawi City, our advancing government troops discover a laptop which contain this video file of the plan to take Marawi City, it was left abandoned on one of the terrorist stronghold houses.

Among the latest deaths, June 2, 2017 posted:

  • Perpetrators (Maute & Abu Sayyaf) – 120 — (as of June 19 – 257 deaths)
  • Military & Police – 36 — (as of June 19 – 62 deaths)
  • Civilians – 19
Watch More Videos Below (the beginning of the attack)

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