Pres. Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao, TATAPUSIN KO NA TOH, to end the problem against terrorism #MartialLawMindanao #PrayForMarawi


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Upon the arrival of Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte from the cut-short visit in the Russian Federation, at the NAIA Airport he speaks the proclamation of the Martial Law over the entire region/island of Mindanao, South of the Philippines. #MartialLawMindanao #PrayForMarawi

We Trust the President and We Support the declaration of Martial Law to Restore Law and Order of the Entire Mindanao.

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Ano po din ang opinyon ninyo sa pagdeklara ng Martial Law ng Mahal nating Presidente Duterte? Paki-Comment sa ibaba po at eShare n’yo nalang din ito. Salamat 👊


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